Test App to validate NPNT implementation


This app will be used as a common test platform for everyone to test their RFM/NPNT implementation.
Everything related to the APP will be discussed in this thread.


@sidbh @sidhant lets put a base version of the test App.


Also can we have a small documentation on following things:

  1. How the test application will sign permission artefact.
  2. How the test application will verify the log files and authenticate(if this is in application’s scope) the sender.
    (i.e. will the mechanism be similar to digital sky api implementation as posted on GitHub.)


@cks123 do you have a sample JSON Log file?


Hi Satya,

We are logging as mentioned in “Digital Sky - Technology Standards v1.0 - 22nd October 2018” document at Page No. 28, exactly same format.

For more information:


@Satya I have sent the request the devs to share the location of the Application source. Will share it soon.


A base version is okay for now just to start with. Ready to put some devs for further development.


Hello Everyone, you can find the tool here. Please have a look and test it out, raise issues if any.