Registered Flight Module Keystore



Private key from key pair and public key obtained by DGCA, is this two key has to be store in Flight Controller ?


There are two types of keypairs involved:

  1. Manufacturer’s Key Pair: This is the official Digital Certificate of the Manufacturer got from a recognized CA in India ex: eMudhra
  2. Drone’s Key Pair: Every drone has to maintain its own key pair. This key pair should be signed by the Manufacturer and will be used for signing logs. This has to be stored within the keystore on the drone.
    You can refer to this article for more details:


Hey, I am facing issue in signing the newly generated public/private key pair using my CA as it is stored inside Epass2003 Auto.
Please help. Thanks


Hello guys…
I have a big confutions with key pairs RFM public and private keys.
My very first thinking was those key pairs are provided by digital sky.
But those keys need to genarated in RFM itself.
*So how I will genrate private and public keys - from X509 certificate comes with PA or by using openssl functions.
*After genarting will I need to sign it with dsc token or somthing else?

Please help,