Open Source NPNT Implementation


Hi all,
An open source implementation for lightweight NPNT library that can be packaged with autopilot systems has been kickstarted. For ease of development I have written test suite which uses OpenSSL library for cryptography. The library is being written in a way so as to replace with other lightweight cryptography libraries like WolfCrypt.
I plan to integrate the library with Ardupilot flight stack as soon as I have covered No permission No takeoff part. I intend to implement logging mechanism as well afterwards.

Currently the library is able to successfully verify the sample permission artefact. I am looking to be able to populate the permission structure to be passed onto autopilot. That should be done soon. I have separately tested wolfcrypt working on Ardupilot. I will be carrying out the integration of libnpnt into ardupilot after I have successfully populated the flight parameter structure from xml.

I will posting updates to this thread. Also any interested testers and developers are welcome to contribute.

The project can be found here

Steps to compile:

This process is tested working on macos system. Please let me know if you hit any issues in this thread

Siddharth Purohit

Permission Artefact Verification on RFM using X509Certificate OpenSSL

This is great! What are your thoughts on naming it as an ‘RFM Implementation’ instead of NPNT Implementation?

The reason being, it’s actually implementing the trusted environment of the RFM. And NPNT/Flight Logs/etc can be considered as ‘applications’ within that RFM.

SHA1 or SHA256 for Permission Artefact digest

Where does one get the Digital Sky public key from?