Manufacturer vs Flight Module Provider


There is a bit of confusion between the roles of Manufacturer vs Flight Module Provider as per NPNT.

On Page 32 of RPAS Guidance Manual, Section 1.3:

In this document, the term “Flight Module Provider” is used to refer to a RPAS manufacturer or any agency who has partnership with the manufacturer to manage certification and related software/security aspects of registered flight modules

This implies that Flight Module Provider can be a different entity from Manufacturer. In such a case, the Flight Module Provider will be primarily responsible for key management. In Digital Sky, the Manufacturer is required to upload a Trusted Certificate Chain. This implies that the Manufacturer and the Flight Module Provider are considered as one.

One way to fix this could be to have Flight Module Provider as a separate entity and have separate roles for Flight Module Provider and Manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer: Responsible for submitting RPAS list application with all the required documents
  • Flight Module Provider: Responsible for uploading the Trusted Certificate Chain and key management

Your thoughts?

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Hi Abhiroop,

The manufacturer is responsible for safety and identification of their drones and the policies implemented which is the source of the drone for DS platform. The manufacturer may have a partnership with an agency providing key management and other security that means the manufacturer is already trusting RFM provider.