Log file format issue


I am working on your npnt testing tool. As per guidance manual i created log file and i am uploading the log file it is showing wrong format file as showing the attached image(edall log). I tried with uploading sample log given by you in drive. it is showing same error. please help me out to solve this issue. Please find the attached images for referenceEdalllog Samplelog


@nihal , any hints on this?


@yogananda72, Will check this asap. thanks for reporting


Can you please send me the public key, and the flight log file? that will help in debugging.

Also, Let’s resume the discussion in github.



I uploaded the log file in the NPNT test tool API, API sending error, showed in pic. I signed with Flight module Private Key am getting an error. Check this error once.Edalllog


We updated our log file creation code. we are trying to verify the log file with new updated npnt testing tool but we are gettin same error as we mentioned previously. so we checked the helpers.py code in npnt testing tool folder and we tried to print the "signature variable " (refer image below) and we observed it is converting json data into bytes and verifying log file(which is string). For referance we printed the outputs(check attached images).
please help me out to solve this issue.data_op signature_op code


Thanks for reporting. I have patched the issue. It was a bug in string conversion that was assing for some and failing for others. Please test the tool and let me know if the issue persists


I will test and update you


I tested with updated code. I think problem json.loads function. Input to the function is string and output from the function is bytes ( stored in Json_data). For referance i attached input and outputs of function.ip op


@yogananda72, Please PM me your flight log used for testign with the keys . It will help debug this better


I am sharing the log file and public key through below google drive link.


Hi, Im able to sign and verify your flight log by using the sample keypair available in the test directory.

I noticed that the signature you generated is different from a RSA2048-SHA256 signature that the tool generates. (Tip - you can generate it using the sign_log function in helpers).
Here’s one I generated - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ya4x7BVlLD0SpIFPR4Kj-mNf57_i4gWK/view?usp=sharing. You can verify it using the verify_flight_log_signature fucntion in helpers against the sample privatekey.

If you can provide details on how you are generating signatures on your RFM, I can help you resolve your issue.

The tool is still however consistent, so far.


Hi, Thanks for your support.
There was a issue in generating the key. Now we solved that one . we can able verify our log file with my key pair thorough verify_flight_log_signature function but if i am uploading though app it is showing same error.
In short notes:

  1. I am verifying in function level not uploading log through app.
    2.If i am uploading same file through NPNT tool it is same error.



I just tested the same using the tool. The tests pass.

Here’s what I did -

  • used the sample keypair provided in the tests directory
  • signed the flight log you provided in the google drive link. I used the one I shared here and signed it using the sign_log function in helpers
  • Provided correct responses to the test cases
  • uploaded the signed log file mentioned above.

The tests passed!

You can test using the same steps I mentioned.


As per your points i will test again with respective log files and i will update results.


Hello Nihal,
can u tell me what is signature in log file?


It is the Flight log details signed with the RPAS key. you can have a look at the examples in the testing tool code or poke around the forums to get an idea.


ok ! thank u Nihal , we signed the flight logs with the RPAS private key


Hey Nihal is there any format to give the name of the LOG file??


No, Currently there is not file name format specified.