Free NPNT Test Permission Generator Tool


Algopixel Technologies has developed a free NPNT Test Permission Generator Tool -

Would love to get feedback, ideas and suggestions!



Did’t got a email with bundled files.

My mail box:



Let me check and get back to you.


Should be working now for your outlook email id



Works both my email now.

But the PA is still in xml format.

As per the NPNT specs should be json files now.


Yes, we have gone ahead with the XML PA because that is the one currently being used by the official implementations. Will update the tool to generate JSON PAs when the official implementations get updated.


Unable to see open street maps


Looks ok from here. Which browser (Name and Version) are you using?


Good, i will use the XML version now, this will improve our NPNT progress.

Good news.


Chrome latest version


Any suggestion how to reproduce? How does it look for you in a different browser? How about on a different machine?

I checked that it is working for latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge on my machine.