Blogs on Digital Sky and NPNT


Hi everyone,
I am writing a series of blog posts on NPNT and Digital Sky. They are available here:

NPNT Regulations – Part 1: UIN, UAOP, Operational Restrictions
NPNT Regulations – Part 2: Flight Module Provider and Registered Flight Module
NPNT Regulations – Part 3: Digital Sky App, RPAS Acquisition Application, UAOP License Application
NPNT Regulations – Part 4: Drone Registration on Digital Sky App, Management Server and UIN Application

Do let me know your feedback and suggestions for further topics.


Thanks a lot for sharing this!
It’s currently one of the easiest doc to refer as it guides you through the major hurdles in achieving the NPNT compliance.


Thanks a lot for this guide, it’s really helpful. Keep up the good work. Thank you once again , cheers!


Really Helpful, Thanks a lot ,keep up the good work


part 5 of this blog series has been released. Please check it out here:
Thank you, @abhiroop.bhatnagar once again. Please write something about the FMP management server, too.