Bad pilot pin test case issue


As i am testing bad pilot pin test case, as per guidance manual there should be field to enter pilot pin during the process of applying permission artifact.(for referance please find the attached screen shot from guidance manual). As i can see there is no text field in npnt testing tool application which i downloaded from github . please help me out .



The hashed pin is necoded in the permission artefact. The manufacturer can have multiple implementations on the input of pilot pin. This is vendor specific, and hence cannot be implemented in the tool. the PIN that you will input should be a part of your NPNT compliant drone’s communication system .

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Thanks for the reply. The information what you mentioned is correct but to encode the hashed pin what are the input considerations:
Note: as per documents we need compare the key which we used in permission file to create encoded hashed pin , same pin we need to send as input in my MY NPNT compliant drone’s communication system .


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Is there any speciffic impelementation detail that is confusing? I am happy to clarify any further doubts on the same


Thanks for the reply. this will help us to check for further testing.


I checked the pilot pin hash method in code. As per observation pilot pin hash is generated with drone public key and secret pin. Doubt is “how all permission artifact files are having different pilotpin hash?” .
Please help me out how you are hashing in code
Need help in following point:
If we are giving same inputs for all the cases so we need to get same pilotpin hash every time except for bad pilot pin check


the pin is hashed and encrypted with the drone public key to prevent basic rainbow table attacks.


With same pilot pin as input, the hash will always be the same, and with the same public key, the encrypted output of the created hash should also be the same. There doesn’t seem any randomness here, then why different outputs every time? Am I saying assuming something wrong somewhere?


@nihal please let us know when this case will be removed from npnt provisional test tool hosted @


hey, the pilot pin is removed from the test cases. Please check


@nihal There are still 6 testcases. I believe the total testcases should be 5 if bad pilot pin is removed.


i just checked with the developer of the web tool, the code was patched, but the server wasn’t updated. Please check now, there are 5 cases.


Thanks @nihal for the quick update . Looks fine now .