Bad geofence check


Hi all,
Can someone please confirm the checks that need to be included under bad geofence case - is it only checking point in polygon or do we also have to validate the polygon coordinates extracted from PA against the input coordinates given by the user ?

Currently, the test tool will generate as given but can we expect the same when the input is taken from the maps directly ?


Can you please provide more details on your question? It is not quite clear to me, I’m afraid.

Here’s a couple of thoughts from what i could gather -

  1. The Bad geofence test case is to check that the drone does not ARM/Takeoff unless it’s within the fence coordinates.
  2. The fence input should be from permission artefact only. Not using any other tool. To faciliate testing the testing tool has a field to input coordinates. which are in turn, used to generate the fence in the Permission artefact.
  3. to reiterate on 2, the user should not input any coordinates in the drone, only on the testing tool

Hope that helps!


@nihal Thanks for the clarification. Basically i wanted to confirm if only depending on the gps location of the start point is sufficient as sometimes the gps can be faulty and say, the area is given is not as requested by the user, then there may be issues. And since the input area is given by the user, if any validation check of the area is required, i.e. if the area extracted from the PA matches or atleast is a subset of the area requested by the user.
But from your reply, it is clear that checking that the start point is within the fence area is sufficient for the drone to arm.

Also, as an extension of this question, is there a sample log file available corresponding to the geofence breach case ? I understand that there is no standard template for the log file but if there is any from your end that can be shared for our reference, please do.