Valid permission artifact checking parameters?


Can i know the exact definition of the following test case “valid permission artifact check” . What parameters we need to check for validation.
For reference i attached snap of npnt_testing tool manual.


It just means that all the conditions pass. That the RPAS does indeed arm when the conditions are met


Thank you…


I have tried testing on NPNT tool to understand it that how it is working and what are the points it is checking. But i am not able to understand my results my results are shown in the image attached and my artifacts are also attached.

artifact 5.pdf (218.9 KB)
artifact 4.pdf (222.4 KB)
artifact 3.pdf (218.9 KB)
Artifact 1.pdf (218.7 KB)
artifact 2.pdf (218.9 KB)

Please see the results and let me know what i am missing.


This means that you gave an incorrect response to two of the tests. (e.g- the RPAS armed for a test case where it was not supposed to arm)


Actually, i am not able to understand the fault.
I am able to detect the Bad geofence and bad timing but rest 3 i am not able to detect.
How to detect the rest and how to look for that problem?


Hi @Amit.
One of the test cases has bad digital signature. You can verify it online.
Here is a good online tool to verify these signed PA
Whichever xml file shows digest is invalid is the one with bad signature. Hope this helps a bit


Thank you @Vardhan it is working.


Is Permission Artifacts valid for multiple flights(multiple take of and land) in valid time and valid geofence area?


hi @Amit @Vardhan
it is not working for me
All the pa i have generated using npnt tool chilkat tool showing invalid