Steps to successfully register as a Micro category drone manufacturer



I have gone through the DGCA guidelines and regulations document and have tried to understand the document multiple times thoroughly, but probably didn’t process it well. However, I still have an important query.

As mentioned in the CHAPTER 6, SECTION-Manufacturing of RPAS flow chart (img 1), I understand that a manufacturer needs to first obtain the ETA from the WPC wing and also prepare the necessary manuals and booklet as mentioned.

(img 1)

In the next SECTION- Sample Certificate of compliance (img 2), I understand that all the relevant details must be filled in, necessary documents attached and then self certified by the manufacturer. I also understand that the drone must satisfy all the requirements as mentioned in CAR, including the NPNT specs.
However, as mentioned in line 2 of the Note section, this certificate along with the necessary documents must be submitted to DGCA.

(img 2)

Is this submission to be done on the digitalsky portal?

Is the trusted certificate chain as mentioned during the process of registering a manufacturer’s profile (img 3) same as the certificate of compliance as mentioned above?

(img 3)

If not,

1)What exactly is the trusted chain certificate?

2)How to obtain this trusted chain certificate?

3)How to submit the certificate of compliance and the necessary documents to DGCA?

4)How to get the NPNT certification of compliance?

Hope to get a response and understand the entire process with better clarity.

Better yet if someone knowledgeable can put up a step-by-step flowchart to finally get the ManufacturerBusinessIdentifier for a manufacturer.

Thank you.