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@nihal Please post the notes from the meeting here


You can find the meeting notes here -


Hello, thank you for sharing these meeting notes. Do we have an update on if any of the points written in the summary are being worked on?

Also, do we have a list of requirements required for getting a provisional certificate? Any ETA on when the provisional certificate scheme will be deployed?

Any new information regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Guys, considering the content of Updated Guidance Manual and CAR , would Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update feature a must for micro category of drones?
@sid What would be your opinion over it?


Yes, it’s a Must-Have!


What is the DGCA provisional certificate requirement apart from NPNT testing tool test report?


@Dushyant Read chapter 6 of DGCA guidance manual. There is written about each and every document needs to be submitted physically along with your NPNT test report generated from Digital Sky.


Hi satyam thanks for your reply, I’m expecting an answer for “provisional certification” hope you got it . As chapter 6 states various physical testing activities of drone to be practically demonstrated I’m expecting answer related to that.


I am also looking for basic and necessary requirement for the provisional certificate. As from chapter 6 there is too much of data which is making it more complex for provisional certificate.


All those companies /Startups who have applied or got provisional certificate can also answer this. As DGCA has not openly announced it to public (I doubt the reason for it).


Points 7,8,9,11,12,13 and 16 of Chapter 6 in Guidance Manual are most relevant answers to your queries. Please note, Point 16 is for small and above categories - Yes, the extensive documentation is needed for small and above categories, and also this documentation will be scrutinized by DGCA for now.
For micro-categories, read said point no. 8.

Also, all info really required is given in the Guidance Manual and CAR which are released PUBLICLY. It is just a matter of understanding things with logic and comprehension.


Thanks @sachman for your reply. Thanks for the points which will help the leftover companies to orient towards provisional certification. I strongly disagree about provisional certification requirements being made public by DGCA and no where in the document it is mentioned about it. (rules have to be made clear and should be out to public, applying logic and comprehension will create a different story. I strongly object over this in which ever platform possible)


@Dushyant , completely agreed that the information on the topic can be made much more explicit and clear. In fact, such demands for need of clarity is very much needed as a community. But when I said the info is made public, it is actually made so, but not in expressions which are very easy to comprehend.
Also, it should be noted that the term “provisional” is pertinent to only time period, and not really in terms leniency of adhering to standards and documentation. DGCA will cater to provisional certification until relevant test authorities are on-boarded.
So, my answer was catering to how you can move forward with the present infrastructure made public - the particular points in the document that I highlighted are actually the crux and SHOULD help one to get through the present setup.


Hi @Dushyant, as @sachman has mentioned above, the relevant points for certifying compliance of a RPAS to the design and manufacturing standards have been mentioned in Chapter 6 of the RPAS Guidance Manual. The manufacturer needs to show compliance to the same by submitting test reports, analysis reports, drawings, manufacturing process documents etc as applicable against the checklist given in point 16 (of Chapter 6). An application containing these documents needs to be made to the DGCA for provisional certification of the RPAS.


@sachman @Dushyant @abhiroop.bhatnagar @sid
Hello everyone, now that we are close to finish the NPNT software part , i had some doubts regarding the hardware certification. Please note , We are using drones in micro category.

  1. Equipment Compliance - If i am using a transmitter - receiver that has ETA from WPC ( such as Flysky TH9B ), is providing the same ETA certificate enough? Are there any other equipment that need Equipment Compliance other than transceiver?

  2. What are the tests that are specified in the " Manufacturing of RPAS - Flow Chart (Pg 27 DGCA RPAS Guidance Manual)" and are they mandatory?

  1. In the sample Certificate of Compliance, who should it be addressed to? What should be the quantity to be supplied ?

4.After providing all the manuals specified and the NPNT compliance certificate and Equipment certificate, by providing Certificate of Compliance certified by the OEM ( Bascially us ) is all the required documentation completed? Can we send them to DGCA for post certification?

Thank you everyone for such great support and being so active to help others out! Cheers!


@nihal @abhiroop.bhatnagar @sid @satyam_amu @Dushyant Can you guys please help me out,

I wanted to know for increasing the security have you guys got a custom made chip for the flight controller ( Ardupilot ) and Rasberry Pie or you guys are using them as it is ?


The DGCA guidance manual leaves the implementation details to the manufacturer and states that DGCA does not mandate any specific hardware design and Flight Module Providers are expected to innovate appropriate form factors for market use. which means that you as the manufacturer are free to design and develop the hardware/software as you want as long as you can demonstrate that the custom made chip as a whole fulfils the NPNT requirements.


Hello @nkmehta As you said “The manufacturer needs to show compliance to the same by submitting test reports, analysis reports, drawings, manufacturing process documents etc as applicable against the checklist given in point 16 (of Chapter 6)”. Where can i get these test and analysis reports, is there any specific software available for that or any testing faclity is there ?