Permission artifact communication protocol


I was trying to understand NPNT implementation in terms of permission artifact validation.
I understand User would get signed permission artifact from digitalsky and at present using NPNT test tool.
I would like to know how to transfer permission artifact to Drone?
Whether to use telemetry protocol or UDP/serial in GCS to achieve the same?
Can permission artifact be transfer using mavlink protocol ?

If there is any other mechanism available please let me know.

Thank you


Hi mahesh,

by drone what exactly you mean? if RFM, then you need to read the important parameters such as Time boundaries, Geofence points, and other such parameters from permission artifact and process it on your RFM
Yes, you can do that, get it in our GCS and transfer it to RFM.

You need to understand the concept behind NPNT first, first understand RFM and what are the key functionalities of RFM. Read the previous chats over RFM.


You can use FTP supported by mavlink. The detailed protocol description is given here