Permission Artefact Verification on RFM using X509Certificate OpenSSL


The doc has been prepared, please find the same here: Reference Document For Generating, signing and authenticating Permission Artefact


Hi @sidbh,

I wen through the document and also the link that verifies the signature in the permission artefact, but the Chilkat tool only verifies the signature and not the artefact data.
Also have we figured out how are we going to do the same verification on RFM?
Chilkat cryptography library seems to be very huge library, have we tried to build it for any micro controller?


@cks123 I had a chat with @sidhant on this and we came to a conclusion for the open source implementation that chain of trust needn’t be maintained on the RFM, but on the manufacturers side who is generating firmwares, the firmware may include a set of different certificates to cover a prescribed time duration.


i need help in embedding openssl in arducopter source code. please provide any links or resource to get started with it.