Operator ID while registration


@nihal @sid what is operator ID mentioned on DGCA doc page no. 51 ? how to get the operator ID? do we need to ask to user while login to enter the operator ID? or it should be always there in the firmware?


operator ID is obtained during registration as an operator on digital sky


thank you @nihal !!

so after the registration operator ID which we get from digital sky should be added to drone right?


1)what is signing of flight log?
is it the process of encryption of the log file using drone’s private key?
what exactly it is? please let us know


The flight log should be signed by the RPAS public key before submitting to digital sky for authenticity. You can find other discussions in the forum that discuss this or the examples in the testing tool repo.


@nihal but the block diagram in document DGCA page number 41 says "sign and send invidual flight log using private key


Ah, my bad. I meant the private key :sweat_smile: