Npnt testing tool at not working



“something went wrong
exec error”


It would be great if you could be more specific. For example, could you please share what you passed as input fields? Public Key, Drone ID, Test area, etc.

CC @sidhant and @nihal


DroneID: 123456
Public Key,

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Test area , use the default.


The problem is the app works only for python version 3.6. (default with ubuntu 18)

For python version 3.5 and 2.7 , it has many bugs.

Errors :

  1. Digital signature will never be verified because of string and bytes error.

  2. Also signing of the logs will fail because of wrong key values , i.e. - [“properties”] value is the parent of the key which has not been passed.

  3. Time is in UTC which is creating problem for companion computer on drones.

If you want to make the app compatible for 3.5 and 2.7 , i will recommend to use ordered dictionary or the verifying of the logs is very random. And list is long.

I seriously doubt the companies have gone through this provisional tool while getting provisional certificate. Because both online and offline tools have bugs which works randomly for different environment.

Plus you haven’t started with json permission artifacts/artefacts. According to the npnt new rules .

Pilot pin also has to be removed.

If this provisional tool is official, please atleast release a notice saying this things will be updated.

Thank you


also please include some default value with permission artifact id.
Because as per DGCA rules - logs need to have some link with permission artifact ID.


Hi rohan, Apologies for the delayed response. There’s a lot to cover here

Yes, the app is designed for python 3.6. and works without any issue in that version, which is what everyone is using. I suggest you to use that version. I’ll add that in the readme. You shouldn’t be using the app which was designed for one version of python in a different version. It WILL NOT work in the other versions. If you can add the necessary changes required to be backwards compatible, it would be great. Submit a pull request and we’ll add it.

JSON permission artefacts are a new thing, that was added recently, but the bulk of development done by most people who have worked on this is still in XML. eg - have a look at libnpnt which many people are using. JSON artefacts needs to be added in the future, I suggest you put a pull request on this if you can contribute. Furthermore, there needs to be clarification on signing field in the JSON artefact. Note that the JSON schema in the guidance manual is missing the signature field. This is something that needs some discussion before proceeding. The UAT is also still producing XML artifacts btw.

Pilot PIN was recently removed. Please have a look. Again the point stands that, the guidance manual was updated recently, and many people already had implemented pilot pin verification. the new guidance manual removed it and the tool was updated just recently. Hope that helps.

We can add a random permission artefact ID in the test cases, but again, this is for testing purposes and we are currently not using the id anywhere. hope the distinction is clear.

If you have further doubts, please do reach out to me personally, I’ll be glad to help


hey i have created some issues in repo,

  1. It would be great if you add a perm artefact id because system is designed to link logs with perm id where it fails if no id is present.

  2. i have given a snippet where you can use ordered dictionary too.

  3. its great to hear pilot pin is removed, i will check on it once and get back to you

  4. Json artefact , no doubt a new thing - Lets move forward with this version for testing/provisional NPNT compliance.

  5. the online testing tool still has some problem, it would be great if you can get me in touch with the person who is associated with this, to solve this issue as it cannot be debug from my end. I have created a issue for this as well

  6. is it necessary to give the online test tool report, because it is failing due to server issues. Can we submit local test report or DGCA keeps a check on online as their end too?

Thank you


@sidhant or @abhiroop.bhatnagar should be able to help you with the web tool. You’ll have to use the report genrated from the web tool.