FMP Management Server


Can anyone share a basic architecture for FMP management server?
I’m expecting a basic database design for the flight module provider’s management server and/or clarification in the followings points described in the RPAS guidelines:

  1. Implementing configurable key rotation policies.

  2. “Management server should use a Hardware Security Module (HSM)/Smart Card/PKI Token for key management.The HSM/Smart Card/PKI Token must be compliant with FIPS140-2 Level 3 or FIPS140-2 Level 4”.

    Please share a use case of this if possible.

  3. Flight module fingerprint.
    What exactly do they mean by this?

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of this community in providing fast solutions and look forward to an early response.
Thanking you, in anticipation.


I think the excerpt is from iDrone Newsletter @abhiroop.bhatnagar any help here