Drone pilot license acquiring from DGCA


I recently mailed Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ltd. who is a registered drone Flight Training organisation listed by DGCA.

I got a very sloppy response as they spammed my email with their own commercial pilot training courses.

I also mailed Indian Institute of Drones and talked with one of the representative in Bharuch. The information related to DGCA dispensing pilot licenses is very limited.

Can anyone on this forum guide me through as I fly drones more than 2 kgs more often?


Firstly, it’s Pilot Training/Certification and not Pilot Licensing. The FTOs require NPNT compliant drones to train. With the first set of certifications awarded (https://tech.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/technology/bengalurus-drone-companies-get-first-dgca-certification/69883483) and more to follow, FTOs will now be able to procure NPNT-compliant drones.

That being said, the FTO industry needs to have a proper framework in place with regards to training/flying/content/examination/etc. DICE is working on an industry-led framework for this and you may reach out to Saranya for more details: [email protected]