BLDC ESC propeller ( make in india )


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I have some questions regarding drone components - BLDC motor, Propeller and ESC. If you know please reply.

  1. Any one manufacturing Propeller, BLDC motor and ESC for drones in india?
  2. Any body have planed to manufacture this components in india?
  3. Why chines companys are leading in this components?
  4. What are the challenge behind the manufacturing of this components in india?
  5. If I make this components in india, how many of you support?

I have these questions in my mind for a long time.


Regarding manufacturing of BLDC it is currently difficult to setup. BLDC has three main components:

  1. Rotor and stator shell
  2. Winding and bearings
  3. Magnets (Rare earth type)

Now if you google Rare earth type magnets supply. You will find that not only are the mineral ore reserves concentrated in China. But some refining and extraction processes are also patented by china.

Obviously one can license the patents and import mineral ore but the establishment of that supply chain is very expensive in comparison to the demand we have for such a segment.

Whereas in China supply of raw material it’s processing and the demand of end user products is great (Not only for export but for domestic consumption i.e. in EVs, bikes etc)

ESCs can be made in India as assembly of ICs can be done anywhere.

If you want to make such components in India i.e Mass produce it. Not only you have to ensure lot quality, but also profitability. I am sure that can be done but as I said cost of entry to that segment will be considerably high. It would be much more easier if you design your motors by yourself outsource manufacturing for your requirements and than resale it in India. Many American manufacturers are doing the same thing even local hobby shops in US are doing the same.

I hope I have answered your queries adequately. There is one last thing I wanted to add. BLDC is the future of motors, if you think anyone can take role of Induction Motors than it is BLDC. Sooner or later we will see it’s use in most household applications as well (Energy efficient ceiling fans). Unfortunately the monopoly remains with China