Ardupilot Firmware Customization For NPNT


Here You can share your approach to customize Ardupilot firmware customization for NPNT compatible.


Please let me know if any one is ready with NPNT firmware for Pixhawk / Ardupilot…


me and my team working on this. we are ready with all prerequisite for NPNT on Ardupilot firmware and our own GCS software( connected to managment server). we are tested end to end flow on NPNT test tool. Currently working on integrating actual DGCA API in GCS.


kindly do share about NPNT ardupilot firmware

Thanks in advance.


Hello DMK,

Could you share more information on the NPNT implementation with ardupilot firmware. Thanks in advance. Also can we connect over a call or email? Please contact me on 9949113350 or [email protected]


Hello Hrsha, we have customize Autopilot firmware 3.6. This firmware we have our own library for NPNT which include functionality like

  • RSA2042,EC key generation,
  • Init Process(mention in DGCA guidline),
  • Library for DGCA json log file generator. (As per DGCS log schema)
  • No Permission not take off
  • And another NPNT supporting library for secure Keystore(mention in DGCA guideline)

You can reach me on email [email protected]


Hello, Thanks for the revert. I’m already in contact with Mr Saurabh Joshi and Mr Anil. We have taken a demo of the same. Thank you once again.


Nice,Thank You For Connecting With Us.


hello this topic is actually one of the tasks I’ve been given for my M.Tech project. I need your help in this , please help me out. [email protected] here’s my mail, please connect also please drop your mails here who can help out. Thanks in advance